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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • SALES, WARRANTY AND SERVICE. Can warranty be void in any circumstance?



    Yes, in case of improper use (according to the recommendations of the user manual) of the product, wasting through the toilet, or auxiliary elements connected to the unit  (we remind you that certain foreign elements may not be thrown such as cotton, towels, tampons, metal, plastic or wood objects, dissolvent liquids or oils, etc...) warranty will not be applicable.

    Warranty may also be void if the unit has not be properly be installed (you may contact us anytime for doubts on installation (+34) 965 10 90 66, or if registers have not been foreseen (in concealed installations) or the removal of the caset system is not possible due to installation (in L, XS, LS, FIT3, FIT2, FIT1 versions).

  • SALES, WARRANTY AND SERVICE. Does warranty cover the installation?

    No, Jimten guarantees  the Sanitary Macerators, Lifting station and concealed cistern (in the case of Ciclon CC) from any production defect, but we cannot assume the installation made by a third party.

    We therefore advise you to respect all the installation recommendations present in our manuals.

  • SALES, WARRANTY AND SERVICE. Which is the warranty period for the product?

    All the Sanitary Macerators are guaranteed for 2 years, from the date of purchase. The warranty covers all the expenses in parts, travel and TAS labor costs. A valid invoice will be requested as a proof  of purchase. 

  • SALES, WARRANTY AND SERVICE. Where can I purchase spare parts if I need them?

    Jimten as one of the main manufacturers in plumbing products, cooperates with the main plumbing distributors where you will be able to acquire spares for our products. However, if you prefer, you can contact us at the telephone (+34) 965 10 90 66, and we will direct you to the closest distributor.

  • USE AND OPERATION. Are there available different colours?

    All our sanitary macerators are made in white, aligned to the ceramic designs mainly sold in the market. In case of the Ciclon CC , white and black covers are available.

  • USE AND OPERATION. Can I use the toilet if there is not electrical power?

    In the event of a power supply failure, the WC cannot be used, nor the connected sanitary appliances to the unit. The unit will not be able to operate unless the power supply is re-established.  

  • USE AND OPERATION. What should I do if it stops working?

    If the unit fails or stops working properly, you can directly contact us here (+34) 965 10 90 66, and we will directly manage the assistance of our Technical Assistance Service in your region.

  • USE AND OPERATION. What is a lifting station?

    A lifting station is a grey water pump, design to pump waste water from a hand basin, shower, bathtub, dish washer, washing machines, kitchen sink, but not a toilet.

  • USE AND OPERATION. Which is the lifetime of Ciclon products?

    In normal use, with a correct installation, accordingly to our installation manual recommendations, they can last from 10 to 15 years. Thanks to their caset system, maintenance operations are very easy. We check product operation for over 50,000 cycles (10 times x day  = 3,650 a year).

  • INSTALLATION. Can I install 90º elbows?

    In drainage piping it is not recommended to install 90º elbows as they have higher loss of charge and the pumping capacities could be severely limited. Soft turns with 45º elbows instead are recommended with greater turning radius.  

  • INSTALACIÓN. ¿Cómo instalar los sanitarios?

    El triturador está preparado para la conexión de un inodoro y uno o varios aparatos sanitarios (según modelo), no permite la conexión delelectrodómestico como lavadoras o lavavajillas ya que puede interferir en el correcto funcionamiento del triturador.

    Los sanitarios deben instalarse con tuberia de Ø 40 mm.

    En el caso de instalar un plato de ducha debe estar a 180 mm. desde el desagüe (base del plato) hasta el suelo (base del triturador), para que tenga el suficiente desnivel y la válvula no tiene que disponer de sifón.


     Instalacion triturador.jpg

  • INSTALLATION. How should the drainage piping be installed?

    The drainage piping must always be connected in vertical, once the required lifting distance has been obtained, , we recommend a minimum 1 m stretch, before attempting changes in direction, and smooth turns always using 45º elbows, to horizontal stretches, so a minimum 2º slope is reached to the downpipe.

    We recommend the installation of a stop valve for maintenance.

    Further installation details in the installation manual.

  • INSTALLATION. Can I install a sanitary macerator behind a wall?

    Yes, there are concealable versions, Ciclon CC, with concealed cistern which could be paneled and the Ciclon CS, version with side WC inlet, which allow the concealed installation in the wall, almost invisible.

  • INSTALLATION. Do you need to do works to install a sanitary macerator?

    No, there is no need to break the floor or wall. All the adaptable macerators Ciclon (L, XS, FIT3, FIT2, FIT1, LS) are installed directly behind the ceramic. The solely work required will be the one required to install the outlet pipe of the macerator (or lifting station) and connect it to the nearest downpipe

  • PRE.INSTALLATION. Can I install a sanitary macerator with a sink?

    No, you should not. Our sanitary macerators have been designed only and exclusively to grind and pump faecal and paper material. Under no circumstance you should throw any other sort of material or substance (cotton, towels, compresses, tampons, waste, etc...)

  • PRE. INSTALLATION. Which electrical requisites are needed?

    No specific requisites are needed, all our products come equipped with the required wiring to connect to standard base (Schuko F). They must be earth wired, without a dedicated circuit. All our products work at 220/240v and 50 Hz

  • PRE.INSTALLATION. Does the Ciclon range need maintenance?

    No maintenance is required for our products, nevertheless, we do recommend cleaning and disinfecting liquid  which prevents lime scale from appearing. 

  • PRE.INSTALLATION. Do the Ciclon sanitary macerators and the lifting station need ventilation?

    No, all the sanitary macerators come equipped with an active carbon filter and have integrated motor ventilation points in their housing. The unique protection to consider in their installation is to avoid motor over-heating.

    (Ciclon L, XS, FIT3, FIT2, FIT1, LS)

    In concealable products (Ciclon CC/CS) a register allowing ventilation will be provided. 

  • PRE. INSTALLATION. Which size in piping should be used?

    Pipes in Ø32 mm (PVC) should be used and under some specific circumstances, other inferior diameters Ø25/20 could be used, without previous questioning.

    However, best results in pumping capacities in height and distance, can be obtained with Ø32 mm pipes. Reduced diameters will result in higher loss of charge and reduced pumping distances. 

    Check each installation manual to know each specific situation. 

  • PRE.INSTALLATION. Which sort of pipe should be used to drain the waste water?

    We recommend to install plastic PVC, CPVC, PE, PP, or copper. All of them traditionally used in the  waste water drainage.  All the products in Spain are supplied with solvent adapters  (PVC/CPVC).

  • PRE.INSTALLATION. Where can I connect the piping?

    All the Jimten products are designed to pump and discharge the waste water to the faecal downpipe of a building, flat, septic tank.  It is not possible to connect to rain water piping. 

  • ADVICE. How does it work?

    A sanitary macerator collects waste water from an auxiliary bathroom (one toilet), or all the sanitary elements in a bathroom (such as a toilet, basin, shower, bidet, etc) grinding all wastes and draining them by means of a blades and pump set, to a different height level or distance.

    A sanitary macerator collects waste water of a bathroom (one toilet), or a set of bathroom sanitary elements  (such as a toilet, basin, shower, bidet, etc)

  • ADVICE. How can it be used?

    A sanitary macerator is a device which allows to liquate solids (faecal material and paper) by means of a grinding system. Once liquefied, the downpipes used in the drainage can be reduced from the traditional diameters (Ø110/Ø100/Ø90) to smaller ones (Ø32/Ø25*/Ø20*) depending on the unit used. 

    These units, in addition to grinding, are equipped with a pumping system which allows the lift of water up to a different level from where the unit is installed (up to 5/6/7 m according to model).

    The combination of functions REDUCED DRAINAGE DIAMETER + PUMPING CAPACITY allows INSTALLING A BATHROOM EVERYWHERE where normally there could not exist a sanitary installation as it was not designed to have one.

    Install a bathroom everywhere means:

    • Ability to create a bathroom inside a bedroom. Ciclon L, Ciclon FIT3, Ciclon CC/CS.
    • Add a Service toilet in a corner (attic, stair case hollow, basement …). Ciclon XS, Ciclon FIT2,1.
    • Install a secondary kitchen in a garage. Ciclon LS.
    • Install a laundry in the basement or garage. Ciclon LS.